12th May 2020

I get to visit half a dozen or so village halls each summer – not this summer of course. There are very few of them that have as many groups and activities going on as we do in Brushford – certainly not those like us which are not in the larger towns and villages.

Brushford Parish Hall was built to fit two specific activities: Short Mat Bowls and Badminton. To these we owe its length and its height – not to mention the industrial warehouse style lamps needed to light it.

We have had many Badminton Groups over the years and I’d like to introduce you to two of them.

Monday Early Evening Badminton (Badminton 1)

We meet all year round on a Monday evening at 5.15pm for at least an hour. We play badminton with a sense of skill, fun and inclusion. We try to organise our games so that we all play with and against everyone at least once by the end of each evening, that way, we get to play against and with the better and not so good players, and we all know whom they are! We don’t play with feather shuttles.

The group have been playing for many years, probably since early 2000’s but memories are hazy. In the beginning children were included but with DRB checks, that side has gone. For a while there was a youth group that followed on after us, organised by some parents. Nowadays, we tend to be an older group, a fair amount of us are retired, but are still competitive and laugh a lot.

We welcome new members; our weekly subscription is low, around £2 (at the time of writing), enough to cover the cost of hall hire and new shuttlecocks. We bring our own racquets – come and join us, see if your game and fitness improves as well as your enjoyment of life!

Dulverton Badminton Club.

We meet every Tuesday evening 7.30 to 9.30 pm between September and Easter at Brushford Hall.

Originally the club, which we think formed in the 1970s, met at Dulverton School but due to changes in school availability we moved to Brushford Hall approximately four years ago. We no longer play in league matches but games are competitive and fun. We have a season membership, currently £45 which covers hire of the hall and purchase of feather shuttlecocks. We have an enthusiastic membership of around 12 people and we really welcome newcomers to come and join us as a visitor for a few weeks to see if they would like to join, visitor fee is £3 per session. You can find information about us on the Dulverton Facebook page or email

On an average evening we have eight players and we have a system to ensure we mix players around and have an even number of games.

We have an annual (usually around Christmas) dinner for interested members and their partners, when we visit a local pub/ restaurant together with the Dulverton Tennis and Table Tennis clubs.