How do I pay for the Electric Vehicle Charging ?

There is a notice on the wall adjacent to the charging point explaining the method of payment for charging which is made via our PayPal account. We don’t have a fixed price for charging your vehicle but the suggested donation to the hall is currently £4:00 to help towards the cost of the electricity and the maintenance of the equipment.

How does the Defibrillator work ?

If you suspect an individual is suffering an Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) you should start CPR immediately. The Defibrillator is in a weatherproof housing hear the front doors of the hall and the access code is printed on the housing.
The Defibrillator has built in recorded voice instructions and will analyse the heart rhythm and assess if a shock is required. The voice instructions must be followed exactly preferably by someone with experience or trained to use it.
Use of the defibrillator should be treated as an emergency procedure so when safe to do so get someone to ring 999 and alert the relevant emergency services to attend.
There are some additional warnings to take into consideration when using a defibrillator, such as if the patient has a pacemaker or medication patch, this is easy to spot, they appear as a small lump under the collarbone in which case telephone 999 emergency services before use.
Do not place AED pads over wound plasters, remove them first. If a cardiac sufferer is wet or lying in the water, move them away from the liquid and dry their chest off completely before attempting to administer the shock.
Any clothing will interfere with the defibrillator’s ability to detect a shockable rhythm so apply the pads direct to the skin.
If a shock is required do not touch the patient while the shock is administered but continue CPR straight after until the emergency services arrive.

Please notify us using the contact form if the Defibrillator has been used as we need to replace the pads (AED electrode pads) after use as they are one time use only.

Failure to notify us it has been used could result in another person being put at risk.

What do I do with any rubbish ?

All rubbish must be removed from the premises. The Council regard us as a business and charge us for wheely bins and emptying. As we cannot afford to absorb these extra costs we would have to put up our charges to cover this expense. We have therefore chosen not to have the bin collection and have to pass on this additional charge to you so ask all hirers to remove all their rubbish at the end of their function.
Please remember to recycle where possible.